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Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)

Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)
Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)
Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)
Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)
Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)
Baseus GF5 autómosó szórófej, 30m, (fekete)
16 408 Ft
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Baseus GF5 nozzle hose (30 m)

Hose with Baseus GF5 nozzle allows you to conveniently wash your car, water the flowers in the garden or clean the sidewalk. High-pressure water copes even with dried dirt, and 5 spray modes allow you to customize the way you wash. The hose is highly stretchable and when filled with water, it has a length of up to 30 meters. The ergonomic shape of the nozzle makes it fit well in your hand. Universal connectors are suitable for female threaded faucets, male threaded faucet and also non threaded faucets.

Thought-out design

The Baseus GF5 features a state-of-the-art spray nozzle that can handle even the most stubborn dirt thanks to pressure accumulation. The 4-layer pressure design ensures high flow, and the spiral thread inside increases the water pressure. To prevent leaks, the nozzle is equipped with leak-proof rings. The hose is compatible with most popular faucets.

5 spray patterns

The rotary switch allows you to adjust the spray, so you can adjust the pressure and water stream to the surface being cleaned. The manufacturer has prepared five preset modes, with the help of which you can quickly wash the car body, clean the roof of the vehicle, remove mud from the tires, or gently wash the windows. The hose will also prove useful in the garden and other household tasks.

Tripple extension when filled with water 

The Baseus telescopic hose can be extended 3 times. All you have to do is fill it with water, and its length will increase to 30 m, giving you unlimited movements while washing the car or watering flowers. This solution also allows for convenient product storage.

Tough and damage resistant

Baseus GF5 uses the highest quality materials, thanks to which it will serve you for many years. The nozzle is coated with non-deforming metal, which increases its durability. Thanks to the use of TPE rubber, the hose retains its flexibility and softness regardless of the weather. It is therefore resistant to frost, high temperatures and mechanical damage.

NameBaseus GF5 car wash spray nozzle
MaterialAluminum alloy, ABS, TPE
WeightApprox. 225.6 g
Length10 m
Length when filled with water30 m
12 hónap
Kolejna dostawa
Ostatnia dostawa
1,841 kg/db.
A vásárlás után járó pontok
328 Ft
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