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Remax Petit Space Capsule RT-A720 humidifier (plug-in), pink
Remax Petit Space Capsule RT-A720 humidifier (plug-in), pink
4 356 Ft

Remax Petit Space Capsule RT-A720 humidifier (plug-in), pink

Remax Petit Space Capsule RT-A720 humidifier (plug-in), pink
4 356 Ft

Remax Petit Space Capsule humidifier (plug-in), pink

Do you happen to experience dry mouth or throat? Take care of the right level of air moisture and enjoy comfort with the innovative Remax Petit Space Capsule humidifier. In addition, it is not only a functional device, but also a charming decoration that will enrich the decor of your room. Ensure pleasant comfort with its 240 ml capacity by choosing this elegant humidifier with an effective humidification system that perfectly complements the stylish design and night light function. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere full of refreshment and pleasure!


2 operation modes

This cute humidifier supports two spray modes (continuous and interval), which allows you to adjust its operation according to the conditions in the room. This allows you to choose the option that best suits your current needs. With Petit Space Capsule you will achieve the highest level of comfort, even in dry rooms in winter or during periods of high temperature and humidity outside.


Practical night light

The Remax Petit Space Capsule humidifier is equipped with a practical night light that allows you to gently illuminate the room. The light source is appropriately adjusted so as not to adversely affect the quality of sleep and provide comfort during a night's rest.


Large capacity

The Petit Space Capsule is equipped with a 240 ml reservoir, which allows for a long period of operation without the need to refill water. This capacity is sufficient to maintain adequate humidity levels in small spaces such as offices, bedrooms and children's rooms. If necessary, the reservoir can be easily and quickly refilled.


Easy operation

Operation of the Remax humidifier is extremely simple and younger users can also handle it. To start the humidification process, press the dedicated button. If you press it once, the continuous humidification mode will start. Prefer interval humidification? Press the button twice. Pressing the button three times will turn off the device. Holding the button for 2 seconds allows you to turn on the night light.


Delightful design

The Remax Petit Space Capsule is distinguished by its capsule shape and is equipped with a glass behind which an adorable animal can be seen, which gives it a unique character. Such a solution allows you to integrate the humidifier into the design of the room, making it both practical and stylish decorative element. Now you can easily create a pleasant atmosphere that will promote rest and relaxation.



  • Air humidifier
  • Light
  • Micro USB cable
Manufacturer Remax
Model RT-A720
Color pink
Type Evaporative
Material ABS + PP + PC
Rated voltage 5V-1A
Rated power 2-5W
Tank capacity 240ml
Input port micro USB
Dimensions 96 x 133 mm
Weight 175 g
Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS, GB
12 hónap
RT-A720 Pink
Kolejna dostawa
278 g/db.
A vásárlás után járó pontok
87 Ft
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