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Remax Spacecraft RT-A730 humidifier (pink)
Remax Spacecraft RT-A730 humidifier (pink)
4 681 Ft

Remax Spacecraft RT-A730 humidifier (pink)

Remax Spacecraft RT-A730 humidifier (pink)
4 681 Ft

Remax Spacecraft Humidifier (pink)

Ensure the optimum level of humidity in the room of your choice with the innovative Remax Spacecraft humidifier, which works on the basis of effective evaporation technology. Its 220 ml tank provides long-lasting humidification of the air in your environment without the need for frequent refills. Choose from 2 spray modes to customize the humidification according to your needs, and enjoy healthy, humidified air that will positively affect your well-being. Its original design additionally serves a decorative function, blending perfectly with your interior design, and the offered 2 light modes and up to 7 colors make it not only a practical device, but also a reliable source of light to match your mood and the atmosphere in the room.


Efficient and quiet operation

Remax Spacecraft successfully humidifies the air in rooms of up to 8m2. Thanks to its high water atomization volume of 40 ml/h, the device is able to quickly deliver the optimal level of humidity, guaranteeing the highest level of comfort. Despite its high efficiency, the humidifier works surprisingly quietly - you don't have to worry about nuisance noise interfering with your rest or work.


2 operation modes

Adjust the operation of the humidifier to your needs. Remax Spacecraft offers two spray modes - constant and intermittent. This makes it perfect for any situation, regardless of the conditions in the room. What's more, the capacity of the tank is as much as 220 ml, which allows you to use the device for a longer period of time without the need for frequent refills.


Original design

What distinguishes the Remax Spacecraft humidifier from other devices is its futuristic design - its shape resembles a capsule containing an astronaut. In addition, the device offers two lighting modes and as many as seven colors, allowing you to adjust it to your individual aesthetic preferences. With this, you can easily create a unique atmosphere in the room!


Ease of use

Operating the Remax brand humidifier will not cause you any trouble. All you need to do is connect the device to a power source, then start it up with the dedicated button and select the operating mode. You can also conveniently turn the light on and off. Find out how easy it is!

Manufacturer Remax
Model RT-A730
Color pink
Type Evaporative
Material ABS + PC + silicone
Water tank capacity 220 ml
Rated power 1.5-2W
Port USB-C
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 119 mm
Weight 203 g
12 hónap
RT-A730 Pink
Kolejna dostawa
302 g/db.
A vásárlás után járó pontok
94 Ft
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