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Remax Tinch 3L RT-A750 humidifier (green)
Remax Tinch 3L RT-A750 humidifier (green)
14 865 Ft

Remax Tinch 3L RT-A750 humidifier (green)

Remax Tinch 3L RT-A750 humidifier (green)
14 865 Ft

Remax Tinch 3L air humidifier (green)

Are you looking for fast and effective air humidification? Remax Tinch, an advanced ultrasonic humidifier, allows you to enjoy optimum humidity levels in rooms of up to 30 m2. This reliable device uses a special filter that effectively purifies water from impurities, ensuring clean and healthy humidification. In addition, an anti-microbial material covers the inside of the transparent 3-liter water tank, protecting against bacterial growth and ensuring hygienic operation of the humidifier. Thanks to its nearly silent operation, the Remax Tinch provides a high level of comfort, and a special button allows you to adjust its operation according to your current needs, ensuring the optimal level of humidity in your interior.


Reliable humidification of the air

Want to enjoy humidified air in your home or office? With Remax Tinch it is possible! The device is ideal for rooms up to 30 m2. Thanks to nanotechnology, it provides a gentle and evenly distributed mist that will effectively humidify your interior. And that's not all! The product is equipped with a reservoir for essential oils, so you can add your favorite scents and enjoy even more comfort. A practical switch allows you to freely adjust the volume of the mist to perfectly match the humidification to your needs.


For the sake of your health

The Tinch humidifier guarantees high efficiency in eliminating bacteria. What's more, special filters ensure a crystal-clear mist that not only humidifies the air, but also refreshes it. With Remax you can be sure that the air is always of high quality!


Additional perks

Remax Tinch is the perfect companion during your night's rest. Thanks to its almost silent operation, it allows you to relax and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. In addition, the integrated water tank has been perfected in every detail to avoid leaks, and thanks to its transparent design, you always know when to refill it. Now you can enjoy clean and healthy air, without worrying about noise or leaks, and focus on a well-deserved rest.

Manufacturer Remax
Model RT-A750
Water tank capacity 3l
Type Ultrasonic
Range 15-30m2
Rated power 26W
Rated voltage 220V
Dimensions 190 x 190 x 306 mm
Weight 1000 g
Color green
12 hónap
RT-A750 Green
Kolejna dostawa
2,209 kg/db.
A vásárlás után járó pontok
297 Ft
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