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Rockbros S091-4BK Cycling Gloves (black)
Rockbros S091-4BK Cycling Gloves (black)
4 578 Ft

Rockbros S091-4BK Cycling Gloves (black)

Rockbros S091-4BK Cycling Gloves (black)
4 578 Ft

Rockbros cycling gloves S091-4BK (black)

The Rockbros S091-4BK gloves are perfect for autumn and winter cycling trips. They will provide you with reliable protection against the cold and wind, and will also allow you to use your smartphone touchscreen comfortably. Thanks to the pleasant feel of the fleece, they keep you warm perfectly, and are also distinguished by their non-slip surface and reflective elements.


Reliable protection against the cold

Do you often cycle in autumn or winter? Then protect your hands from the cold! The Rockbros gloves are made of high-quality fleece, so they keep you warm very well. They also have a special water repellent coating, which makes them impermeable to water. In addition, the elongated cuffs guarantee better protection from the wind. Please note: the gloves are not completely waterproof - do not immerse them in water.


Use your smartphone comfortably

No longer do you have to take off your gloves to answer your phone, check your route on the map, share a photo on Instagram or reply to a message. With Rockbros, you can conveniently use your smartphone at any time. Don't worry about getting cold! Wearing the S091-4BK gloves, you can easily operate your phone's touchscreen with your thumb, index finger or middle finger.


Even more advantages

The gloves feature a non-slip surface, so you can use your smartphone comfortably without worrying about it falling out of your hand. What's more, the reflective elements will increase your visibility after dark and allow you to better ensure your safety on the road. The S091-4BK is also equipped with special hooks with a handle. This allows you to clip the gloves together - making them easier to store.


MaterialFleece + spandex / cotton
WeightApprox. 70g (pair)
Touchscreen-enabledYes, 3 fingers (thumb, index, middle finger)
12 hónap
S091-4BK- XL
Kolejna dostawa
Ostatnia dostawa
403 g/db.
A vásárlás után járó pontok
92 Ft
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